Salary: $ 30/ Hour

Full Time / Part Time.


Full Job Description

We are a quickly growing young company that requires a full-time, remote HR Generalist / HR Manager!

We have a cleaning business with government clients. This requires strict compliance with HR policies, timely reporting of new hires and with certifying the payroll reports meet minimum wage, while at the same time adaptability as our various simultaneous contracts cause our field service workers to operate in multi-states 24/7. Although we work with the government and employ field workers, we pride ourselves in being an innovative and tech savvy company. We utilize software for time tracking and for processing payroll but there are some approvals and manual reporting that must be done by a professional.

Must be able to work on Eastern Time Zone (New York) and at least 40 hours a week through time tracking software. This is for immediate hire. Ideally, you have experience with New York labor law and Florida labor law.

Primary responsibilities:

1. Interviewing and verifying applicants are a good fit

2. Onboarding new employees into our human resource system (Rippling) due to high turnover

3. Making sure new employees have filled out their profiles and required forms correctly and completely in their application within Rippling. Some government forms are not able to be completed by our employees on their phones so sometimes we have to find alternative ways to have them sign documents.

4. Schedules, administers, and documents compliance with mandatory and non-mandatory orientation, training, continuing education, and work assessments. This may include safety training, anti-harassment training, professional licensure, and aptitude exams and certifications, and even help roll out a workforce career program to help our cleaners gain managerial skills.

5. Reviewing and processing background checks, including e-verify

6. Setting up new employees through our online job calendar (Deputy) and coordinate them with their immediate supervisor or project manager.

7. File new hire reports with the government within the required timeline.

8. keeping record of and managing any labor claims with our vendors, such as workers comp or unemployment

9. keeping record of and managing any internal disciplinary report

10. Verify I-9 (virtually with our field manager)

11. coordinating with our project manager and scheduler to ensure all paperwork is done for the employee to start or continue working.

12. coordinating and assisting in quarterly reviews, termination recommendations and promotions.

13. Setting up, enrolling and managing benefits administration in NY (and potentially Florida)

14. Handles employment-related inquiries from applicants, employees, and supervisors, referring complex and/or sensitive matters to the appropriate staff, and otherwise assist with miscellaneous personnel records or employee questions.

15. Prevent and assist with other labor compliance issues as may arise, including updating handbooks, orientation materials and other documents.

16. Maintains compliance with federal, state, and local employment laws and regulations, and recommended best practices; reviews policies and practices to maintain compliance.

17. Maintains knowledge of trends, best practices, regulatory changes, and new technologies in human resources, talent management, and employment law.

18. Manage and export any labor reports as required by our government project

19. Organize and upload any reports into the employee's Rippling profile

20. Review and approve timesheets within Deputy based upon the field supervisors internal timesheets

21. Run weekly payroll each week in Rippling (by make sure the hours and pay rate from our time tracking software (Deputy.com) have been correctly auto-filled in the payroll processing software (Rippling.com) in order for our weekly payroll processing, and inquire if there is something unusual compared to the prior week (e.g. someone usually works 20 hours but this week shows 35).

22. Performs routine tasks required to administer and execute human resource program, including ways to evaluate productivity, catch and prevent timesheet stealing, and ensure honesty and accountability of all employees.

Additionally and ideally, you would also

19. Fill out the weekly certified payroll sheet for each employee for each project with the hours and pay for the given week and include proof of pay stubs.

20. Submit these certified payroll sheets to the government on a monthly basis in the form of a single PDF with a coversheet and invoice.

Expertise and Skills:

Human Resource

  • Certified Payroll
  • Payroll Accounting / Processing
  • Personnel Records

  • HR Administration

  • Benefits Administration
  • Employee communications and management
  • Personnel Evaluations

You must be tech-savvy, resourceful, proactive, honest, communicative, proficient with Excel files, attentive to details, know basic Macbook system operations, Dropbox, converting files to PDFs, be comfortable with quickly learning new time tracking and payroll software (i.e. Deputy.com and Rippling.com through our training video), and staying abreast of New York and Florida law.


English (required)

Bilingual (preferred)


Pay is $30/hour plus benefits


Full-time (40 hours a week)

Immediate Hiring




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